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Be Uniquely You

We live in a world that is constantly telling us who we should be, what we should feel, how we should look, and what sort of choices we should make. These messages are overwhelming and exhausting and can lead to feelings of anxiety and depression, struggle with body image and making decisions, while also having a difficult time being in honest and authentic relationships.


Inner Wisdom Wellness is a holistic private counselling practice in Vancouver, BC.

I offer in person and online therapy sessions for women & men who want to live lives full of wonder and curiosity.


Inner Wisdom

The Truth is that everyone has access to the inherent Wisdom that lies within them.

My integrated approach helps you to filter through the endless information, advice, and overwhelming pressures surrounding you while supporting you to reconnect your own Unique Wisdom.

Body, Mind & Spirit Wisdom

Creating lasting change requires a reconnection to your Body, Mind, and Spirit.

I support you to tune into your true self, connect to your desires and dreams, and create specific and attainable goals, so that you can experience resilience, hope, joy, peace, & confidence.

How I Can Help


Body Image

Do you have trouble looking in the mirror? Do you believe life would be different if your body looked different?


Decision Making & Anxiety

Does fear rule your daily life? Do you struggle to make decisions? Are you afraid that you're going to choose the wrong thing?



Do your relationships feel strained? Do you have troubles expressing your thoughts and feelings to your loved ones?


Please feel free to contact me by phone or email.

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PHONE NUMBER: 778.938.1143


LOCATION: 1892 West Broadway Vancouver British Columbia, Canada

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