The greatest gift you can give to yourself and the world is to be uniquely you in every remarkable way.
- Juliana Herlaar
Uniquely Juliana

I am a Registered Therapeutic Counsellor (RTC). Registered with the Association of Cooperative Counselling Therapists (ACCT).


In counselling sessions I draw on my extensive and experiential training from Clearmind International, my 10 years of experience as a yoga student and teacher, my time working in the forest, Earth Based Medicine teachings, and my experience with meditation and pranayama.

I believe that the human condition is to evolve and grow and that every single human being can make change if they want to. I believe in the interconnection of human beings, animals and the planet. I believe we are all Creators and that we are all unique and have our own way of experiencing the world. I believe we have the innate power and wisdom within each and every one of us to live in wholeness, connection, and fluidity.

I believe that it is imperative to find your own way as you navigate through the world. No two humans are alike. There is no cookie cutter method in how to live your life. It takes time to explore what feels right for you.

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I was not always as clear as I am now about my beliefs.

I spent most of my life feeling alone, different, and isolated. I walked through the world trying to figure out what everyone wanted from me so that I could be whoever I believed they needed me to be. I put other people’s needs and beliefs before my own.


I had a long list of ‘shoulds’. What I should do so that I would be loved. How I should act so that I would feel accepted. What I should say so that I wouldn’t hurt anyone’s feelings. What I should do to feel healthy. I felt alone, fearful, and anxious most of the time.


As I embarked on my own path of yoga, meditation, and counselling my life began to slowly shift. I became in touch with my body. I learned to honour my feelings. I began to express my needs and wants. I connected to my breath and it’s power. As my love for my self grew and I learned to honour my experience of the world, I began to feel less alone.

My feelings and emotions became outlets and powerful tools to move through challenging circumstances. My body became my ally to get in touch with my intuition. My breath became my greatest companion to remind me of how alive I am and how I can use it to center myself and feel grounded.

As I took the time to look at my patterns, my feelings, my ancestors, and my story I began to fall in love with myself.


I believe the greatest gift you can give to yourself and the world around you is to be unapologetically you in every unique, responsible, creative, magical way that you can.

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