Everyone who wills can hear their inner voice.
It is within everyone.
- Mahatma Gandhi
Being Uniquely You

At Inner Wisdom Wellness, the biggest value that I hold is that the Wisdom lies within you.

My intention is to support you to uncover it. 

We are all unique multi-faceted beings and each session is different for each individual person.

 I draw on my counselling training and my own personal experience.

I work with you in an integrated approach rooted in Person-Centered Therapy, Transpersonal Psychology, and Family Systems Theory and draw on Mindfulness/Yogic philosophy, eco-therapy, Gestalt, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and body awareness.

Your Body

Your body is your sole point of contact for all of your experiences in your life. All that we see, touch, smell and taste are through the functions of the body. The body carries a wealth of information that is often ignored, numbed, forced to change, dismissed and hated.


When we dismiss or numb our body, we are discounting our very experience of what it is to be human.


Your body is communicating to you all of the time. It is constantly attempting to let you know how you are feeling, what is ok and what is not ok & what you may need.


Your role is to learn how to listen.


Through gentle mindfulness, learning how to be in the here and now, we will work with nervous system in order to calm your mind and body. Connecting and calming your nervous system will support you in moving through feelings and beliefs where you may have previously felt stuck.


As I support you to reconnect to your body you will learn to listen and hear the wisdom that it carries so that you can tune into your needs, desires, dreams, and intuition.

Family Systems Theory

Your family has a profound influence on your belief system, how you connect to others, how feelings are expressed and felt, and your reactions to the world.


 Bowen’s Family Systems Theory looks at the individual as a part of the whole. We are influenced by our family energetically, physically, and emotionally. I will support you to become curious, ask yourself questions and connect with the stories, wisdom and lessons of your family and your ancestors in order to more deeply understand your Self.


Discovering and opening up the story of your family allows you to learn about emotional patterns and anxiety behaviours in your family while increasing self-awareness. You tap into intergenerational wisdom and allow it to flow into you. From this place of awareness it is possible to begin making lasting changes.

Transpersonal Psychology

Transpersonal, literally means to go beyond the personal. This means that I bring a non-religious, spiritual view to our sessions. I believe that we are all interconnected and that trusting in a belief greater than us helps us move through our struggle.


When we have something to lean into in times of struggle, we feel less alone. When we create greater meaning for our lives our struggles and hardships can be for something, not simply against us. 

I will never tell you what to believe but I will ask you, what do you believe? What sort of magic can you connect to? Is it art? Or nature? Or god? Or the universe? Or? 

This is entirely up to you.


Nature Wisdom

We are in whole a part of our natural world. We influence and are influenced by our environment. When we connect to nature, there is a sense of timelessness and it offers a chance to be in the moment.


Drawing on earth based teachings and my own innate connection to my environment, we will spend our counselling sessions walking in the local neighborhood or in a local favourite spot in nature. We will discuss not only what is going on for you in your life but also connect to the wisdom of nature. The whisperings of the trees, the bird song, the wisdom that exists in the sky and the sun. Like the signs and teachings we look for in our friends, family, books and tarot - nature is there providing us with signs and information all the time. We only need to learn how to look. 

Nature walks are available upon request.

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