And it's wake up time.
Time to open up your eyes.
And Rise.
And Shine.
- Tom Petty
Counselling Is For Anyone Who Would Like It 

I often find that people believe counselling is for those who are in dire straights or at the depth of despair. It is a last ditch effort to get help. It is a last resort.

In Truth a relationship with your therapist is an excellent form of self care. Therapy allows you to have space just for you to feel out all of the things that you may turn over in your head on a daily basis. It is a place to give voice to the thoughts that keep you up at night. Counselling is a place where you get to give yourself the love that you give to everyone else.

Counselling is for you if you would like an open minded, neutral, caring person to listen to you.

Counselling is for you if you would like to have an hour dedicated to yourself where you can bring up anything that may be on your mind without having to worry about another person.


My role, as a therapist, is to learn what it's like living life in your shoes. From this place I can support you to make clear informed decisions while holding a deeper understanding of your Self.

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Stress, Anxiety, Depression

Your mind is a powerful part of you that helps you perform many tasks like organization, planning, reading, and writing. They also hold memories through our senses. They can remember past experiences that were painful or joyful and project these experiences into our present moment. If these were happy memories this can create a moment of joyful remembering and if they were difficult memories, they can create stress, anxiety and depression.

Your nervous system's job is to process emotional experiences but when emotional moments in your life are not felt your nervous system can get overwhelmed and isn't able to process the present stressor in your life.


These feelings can surface when you experience stress at work, a loss in our life, a disagreement with friends or family. The truth is that your feelings are very normal. 

I will support you to find tools and implement steps that work for you in order to help you experience a life of freedom and flow.


Relationships with those your loved ones can be a source of great joy and our great struggle. As humans, we are constantly relating to one another, whether through friendships, romantic partnerships, colleagues, and family. You learned how to be in relationship, either friendship, intimate partnership or colleagues, from your family of origin.


This is where you learned what it is ok to talk about and what you shouldn't talk about. This is where you learned what your role is in a relationship and how you should act in order to make a relationship work. 

These ways don't always work.

I will support you to understand the relationship patterns you learned in your family and how they translate into your adult life. We will come up with ways to take manageable steps to communicate and make the changes that you want. So that you can feel more satisfied in your connection to your loved ones.

Body Image

Do you struggle with how you look? How you feel about your body? What you believe about your body when you look in the mirror?


We are constantly being told how we should look. Our culture promises that if our bodies were a certain shape, our faces had a specific structure, and we wore the right clothes that life will deliver us all of our heart's desires. We are surrounded by images of people who are photoshopped, posed in certain ways. How can we ever be happy with the body that we live in if we are constantly being told it is wrong?

I will support you to begin to feel comfortable in your body, to tear down some of our societal structures placed on our bodies and help you to tap into the wisdom that your body holds.

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